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6-Jan- 26الكفايات التدريسية الواجب توافرها في الطالب / المعلم من برنامج التربية العملية لمعلم مرحلة الأساسعلي, هضيبي أحمد الطيب; نصر سلمان نصر - مشرف; خديجة عبد الرحيم عبد الحميد - مشرف
Jul-1977Chemical and in Vitro Evaluation of Crop ResiduesMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; R. L. Vetter
Jan-1978Correlations of Chemical and Agronomic Traits for Normal and low-Lignin Corn HybridsMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; R. L. Vetter; M. K. Mohsen; A. Paez
Jul-1978Nutrient and fermentation characteristic of gum arabicMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; R. L. Vetter
Jun-1981Further Studies on the Effects of Supplementing Groundnut Hulls With Dried Poultry Execreta or Cotton Seed Cake on Performance of Sudan Desert SheepMahgoub Gaafer El Haj
1982Evaluation of a Model Laboratory SiloMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; R. L. Vetter; M. D. Kenealy; R. J. Smith
1982Efect of Silage Additives on Fermentation Characteristcs of Corn Silage and Performance of Feedlot HeifersMahgoub Gaafer El Haj
1983The Effects of Different Sources and Ratios of Calcium and Phosphorus on Performance of Sudan Desert SheepMahgoub Gaafer El Haj
1983Evaluation of Acid insoluble ash (AIA) as a marker for predicting the dry matter digestibility of high roughage and high concentrate diets for Sudan desert sheep and goatsMahgoub Gaafer El Haj
Mar-1983Evaluatioin of Microbiological and Chemical Methods for Improving the Digestibility of Wheat and Barley StrawsMahgoub Gaafer El Haj
Dec-1983Sudan Desert SheepMahgoub Gaafer El Haj
1984Sudan Desert Sheep and GoatsMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; G. A. El Hag; E. Gaali
1985Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Sudan Desert Sheep and Goats on High Roughage Diets with Added FatMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; Omer Ibrahim El Kurdi; S. O. Mahgoub
1987Evaluation of the Feeding Value of Clitoria (Clitoria terenata) As A Legume Forage For Sheep FatteningMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; Mohammed Ahmed Maglad; M. H. Hakir
1992الرقابة القضائية علي أعمال الإدارة في الأردننواصرة, رانيا محمد; خلف الرقاد - مشرف
1992Dates and Sardines as potential animal feed resourcesMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; H. H. Elkhanjari
1995Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Local and Cross-bred (Local X Chios) F1 Sheep fed on By-products DietMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; K.M. Al Shargi
1995Production of Animal Feeds From Dates and Date-By-Products in the Sultanate - A.ReviewMahgoub Gaafer El Haj
1995Performance of Laying Hens on Concentrateand By-Products Based DietsMahgoub Gaafer El Haj; K.M. Al Shargi
22-Apr-1995Comparative Performance of Damascus Goats and Chios Ewes in OmanMahgoub Gaafer El Haj