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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2015Frequency of HLA Antigenin Association With Blood Groups Of Renal Transplant Donors AttendingAhmed, Refah Mahdi hassan; Sana Mohamed Ahmed - Supervisor
Aug-2014Assessment of occupational health and safety services at Algunied Sugar Factory during the period Apr - Aug 2014Alawad, Sameeha Hussien; Babiker Ahmed Babiker - Supervisor
2015Assessment of serum trace element level among Sudanese women with breast cancerAbdallateef, Mai Mohammed; Nassr Eldin Mohammed Ahmed Sharif - Supervisor
2015Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Pregnant Ladies Towards Uses of Folic Acid and Ferrous Tablets at Alzeedab in 2013Abd Elgadeer, Shaza Ahmed; Dya Eldin M. Elsayed - Supervisor
2015Assessment of Risk Factors of Diabetes Almoalem Medical Center, 2014Hamad, Samia Eltahir Mohammed; Adam Abdalla Mater - Supervisor
2014Assessment serum total and free testosterone hormone in Sudanese pregnant women with normal pregnant womenMohammed, Ibrahim Awad Ramdan; Nassr Eldin Mohammed Ahmed Sharif - Supervisor
2015Assessment of Immunization Status of Hepatitis B among Medical Staff in Private Hospitals in Sharg Alnile Locality 2015Hamad, Smah Mohamed Abdalrheem; Kamal Elbssir Mohammed Ali - Supervisor
May-2014Assessment of Risk Factors Associated With Lung Cancer , Alzara Hospital , 2014Adam, Sahar Bakhet; Adam Abdalla Mater - Supervisor
Jun-2015Detection of Janus kinase 2 (JAK2V617F) in Sudanese Patients with polycythemia in Khartoum State, SudanAlhadi, Eman; Elwaleed Mohamed Elamin - Supervisor
Jun-2015Assessment of epidemiological determinants of hepatitis B among worker, Bahri Teaching Hospitals, 2015Mohammed, Wehad Ahmed Elsafi; Adam Abdalla Mater - Supervisor